UNI/Club Partnerships 2018-2019

The members of the University Board of Directors will meet with local clubs in the coming months to discuss the University skiing Program and how it will fit with the Long Term Athlete Development Pathway for skiing in the entire region.

Rather than trying to go it alone, we believe we need to create a healthy partnership with our Community Partners in skiing.

The University Ski Team consists of athletes from the University of Ottawa, Carleton, and University de Quebec en Outaouais.  We can create a great model that will foster our U16 and up skiers to continue skiing through University at both the University Race Circuit and the FIS race Circuit.  Continuing to ski will also have many other benefits including : better coaches, masters racers, late developing athletes, great skiers in the community, mentors, role models for clubs etc.

Partnership Opportunities

-Dryland and snow training

-Training camps


-Van rentals


-Coaching (we will have our own University coach)

The Uni Program will continue to manage these activities on our own:

-Fee structure

-Racing/Events (could include accommodations/meals etc)

Advantages to this model

-Great role models for younger club skiers (having Uni skiers around)

-Healthy young adults, working together for a team title – goal, skiers/finishers counts towards overall team title

-A continued investment in the investment you have already made as athletes/parents to continue your ski racing passion

-Keep costs lower for all programming in the region/build more of a seamless athlete pathway

-Coaches working together to get the right kids to the right races, some athletes can still continue to do Uni and Super Series races

-Encourage skiers to continue to ski for the passion of skiing, futures coaches, masters skiers, volunteers for the sport

-Help support athletes that fall into the Outlier Principals/Late developers and developing as Ski Cross or other ski discipline opportunities in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

LA Schmidt Chair – University Team Board